JIAEN electornic Theodolite 2''

JIAEN electornic Theodolite 2''


Special design: single horizontal spindle which cross telescope.New design concept,combine higher precision, better stable and shock resistance ability.

Absolute angle encoder system.Able to read angle data without passing"0", let angle measurement be more simple and convenient.

Large display, adopt backlight technology,able to display horizontal and vertical angle at the same time, convenient to be used in different condition.

Superior water and dust and humidar, maintain good performance even in bad environment.

Image                                     Erect
Magnification                          30X
Objective aperture                 45mm
Minium Focus distance          1m

Angle Measurment
Resolution                              3"
Accuracy                                2"
Angle units                             DEG/MIL/GON
Display                                   LCD Double sides

Inclination                       Auto vertical compensation
Compensation range             3'

Optical plummet
Precision of plate vial            30"/2mm
Precision of circular level       8'/2mm
Battery                                  2 3.7V rechargeable lithium battery